Ok, I’ve got another post I’m working on in the same vein as the last.  (yep, surprise surprise, baby boy was not the last to get all jerky after sex)  but its not done yet.  To bide some time, here are my top three things that my ex did that made me want to throttle him.  Now they’re just making me giggle though.  In no particular order: (more…)


The crazy thing is that I’m still totally confused about this experience.  Ok, maybe not confused, but still hurt.  I let myself be totally vulnerable because I thought the person was in it with me.  I don’t know if I was wrong about that part or if it just got to be too much for him and he bailed.  Either way, it still sucked.

This was quite a while ago, but here’s a play by play as I remember it: (more…)

So that last post reminded me of another recent interaction with the opposite sex.  Remember when I said, “If you’re going to interrupt a perfectly delightful conversation at least have some conversation to back up your interruption,”?  Not only did this guy not have anything to add he just came off as a super creepy weirdo. (more…)

I gotta say, last night was impressive.  I actually got to experience the TEXTBOOK wingman pick-up line.  I don’t know how I’ve managed to miss out on the pick-upy goodness up to this point.  But wow, this was some good stuff.

I was at a show with a girlfriend, and we are obviously engaged in a very deep and fascinating conversation (it was either debating what event defined our generation, September 11th or Kurt Cobain’s suicide, or discussing the merits of gay porn, I can’t remember which).  But anyway, we both see these two dudes roll up to us.  Now, my friend is thinking “Aaaawwwmaaan, incoming!”  She is happily involved with someone, but since she is an awesome friend, she plays along.  (I am single, she didn’t want to cock-block if I was into one of them) (more…)

It got dragged out.  Its true.  I’ve got this terrible thing imbued in me called politeness and it makes it very hard for me to hurt people’s feelings.  I’m working on it though!  See my New Year’s resolutions for this year…

1.  Be meaner!  2.  Don’t care about what people think!  3.  Floss more!

Well, back to when I was young and reeeeally stupid.  Sephy and I hung out one last time and then I had the friends talk again with him.  Again, he said he didn’t want to do that “friends bullshit”.  So I stopped talking to him completely.  To my non-surprise, I get the whinny, sad, why aren’t we even friends email.  At this point I’m like fuck it.  I politely reitterate my point of view which is, “We’re not dating.  You don’t want to be friends.  There isn’t anything in between.  Just leave it alone for a while.”

The calls, the emails, it doesn’t stop, and even this post is boring me….lets just get to the good part.  Check it! (more…)

Since I’ve started this endeavor, I’ve been thinking a lot about my past.  Alright, honestly, I think about my past a lot anyway, but this has really narrowed the focus.  Here’s the thing, when it comes to my relationships, I’ve noticed that a reoccurring theme in most of these experiences is the tendency of men to not take no for an answer.  This seems to lead to spectacularly creepy endings of said relationships.

James was a perfect (and recent) example of this and it got me thinking about who else has treated me this way (because as battshit crazy as James is, he’s certainly not the first guy I’ve dated to go off the deep end). This jaunt down memory lane first lead me to Sephy. (more…)

“Ooooh yeah.  Go ahead.  Touch my thrombosis.”

Points for originality.